Reset Generation

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Asphalt 3 N-gage

Each player has a hero: Choose one of the ten legendary champions of the video rooms high-scoring lore. Plumber? Hedgehog? Level 50 Elf? Or a double machine gun-wielding cyborg? They are all there, and they are all ready to save... Each player has a princess. Players must guide their hero to rescue princesses of other players. Princesses are everything in Reset Generation: Lose your princess and it's game over, man. Create a combo lines to get to castle of other Heroes by dropping blocks. Fire Your Guns to defend your own castle from your opponents blocks. Get legendary items - like the Biggest Freakin' Gun Possible (BFGP) - to lay the smack on approaching heroes. Zip through your puzzle-block-road and unleash special energy of your heroe to save the princess!

Select one from ten nicely animated heroes, each with their own special power. Try the infinitely replayable single player mode or venture online for frantic 4-player fun!

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